Feature Requests

Data delivery between databases (2)
Folder & subfolders structure support for queries (10)
Option to add total to Chart Visualization (1)
Refresh Query Based Dropdown List with parent query (4)
Slack Query Integration - Parameter Support (1)
Query title and visualisation title on the dashboard should be switched in color (8)
Unarchive a query (2)
Redash AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor Support (3)
Option to pre-select colors for Pie-Charts (1)
Add option to select or change datasource for all queries at once (1)
Ability to Mark 'Favorites' in list of saved queries (2)
Does Redash have a REST API? (4)
Add multiple data fields/steps for funnel anaylsis (2)
Choropleth map: custom polygons (4)
Dynamic Alert Thresholds Based on Query (1)
Allowing query params in visualisation desc/titles (1)
Parameters on Querying Existing Query Results (1)
Increase the max-height of the query editor (7)
Query results datasource: not force refresh the base queries (2)
Adding different color palettes to pivot table heatmaps (1)
Ability to turn on/off row and column totals in Pivot Tables (1)
Update for Query Results as Data Sources in OC (3)
Display Boxplot From Precalculated Values? (2)
Customer OAuth2 Identity Provider (1)
Time Series (Range Buttons & Slider) (1)
[Feedback] Grouping queries (7)
Version control queries and dashboards (3)
Additional Keyboard Shortcuts (2)
Download all widgets present in a Dashboard to a single PDF (1)
Redash 4 does not have much room to view query and results at the same time (9)