Feature Requests

Possibility to hide widget-level filters when dashboard filter is on (1)
Provide friendlier names/interface for query results table names and columns (1)
Ability to generate public URLs for dashboards with fixed (and hidden) global parameters (10)
Please add a "Horizontal Bar Chart" to the available Chart List (6)
Print Friendly Dashboards (2)
Ability to contribute to someone else's query (8)
Add RBAC function (3)
Query Editor - Execute selection (1)
Customize Alert Body (4)
Labels & Titles & description on dashboards (2)
Redash query runner to return results of non-select queries (5)
API call with headers as datasource (API query runner) (2)
Vis request : fill-between chart (1)
Option to add annotations to chart (2)
ElasticSearch Nested Support (1)
Dashboard design (4)
Calculated field and additional value fields in pivot table (5)
Filter drop down list with multiple value for WHERE IN (5)
Support empty parameters (4)
Update the widgets in a dashboard by the selection or deselection of an/several item/s in a specific widget (1)
Interactve visualization (2)
Regenerate API KEY (2)
Data delivery between databases (2)
Folder & subfolders structure support for queries (10)
Option to add total to Chart Visualization (1)
Refresh Query Based Dropdown List with parent query (4)
Slack Query Integration - Parameter Support (1)
Query title and visualisation title on the dashboard should be switched in color (8)
Unarchive a query (2)
Redash AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor Support (3)