Feature Requests

Bring back bootstrap.sh (19)
Add Vega grammar support for advanced visualizations (1)
Docker 'latest' image tag won't trigger CloudFormation deployment (4)
Show column data type in schema browser (1)
[Feedback] Grouping queries (9)
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Schedule query update using cron expression (2)
Query cancellation with CLI (1)
Redash 4 does not have much room to view query and results at the same time (10)
Support for Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insight (2)
Can support Chinese search query when set up alert (3)
$sort is not working correctly on mongo db aggregate stages (4)
Add Greenplum to available data sources list (1)
Auto-Sort Data Series in Stacking Bar Chart (2)
Customizable landing/welcome page (1)
Embedding query with query params (8)
New Visualization: Histogram (2)
Filter has repeat values (2)
Is there any progress on internationalization? (2)
Query results datasource: not force refresh the base queries (3)
Display data source in query list (2)
Limit query visualization by group (1)
Add support for Kusto (Azure Data Explorer) as a datasource (1)
Tel, mailto, sms link been santized (4)
Add support for parameter lists (17)
Support for Firebase Analytics as data source (2)
Feature Request: Set a default dashboard for users (2)
Configure Query Result Table (1)
Query a BIG query result (3)