Dashboard Sidebar / Navbar

Can a sidebar / navbar be considered for the dashboard?


Have a new widget called the sidebar / topbar / navbar which can have multiple items. Each item can be a single redash query visualization.

Right now putting multiple table visualizations makes the dashboard view look very cluttered. It would be great if we can select the desired visualization from the sidebar and the single visualization can take up the entire page.

Usually, you have a single page with a general overview of the data (which is very doable right now). But when you want to drill down to more specific data e.g: a full page table with transactions searchable by start/end date, you can click on the respective nav item in the sidebar which would be more intuitive for non-technical people who are daily users of these dashboards.

I second this. I’d like to be able to publish a dashboard that contains a custom list of queries people can select from with a single results pane showing results for the selected query only. It seems to me it requires an entirely different kind of widget though. Existing widget is a “visualization widget” where you select a single visualization to display. The new kind of widget I’d like would a “query selection widget”. You would specify a filter of some kind to determine what subset of queries the widget would display (or the queries could be selected individually). The widget would display as two panes with a query pane (sidebar) on the left and results pane on the right. Results pane could display exactly what is on the current query results page (ie title, tags, description, and tabbed visualizations).