Forking a dashboard

Forking a dashboard

This would help very much and save hours for us. The current situation is that if we want to have two similar dashboard, that differ only in their parameters, we need to add widget by widget to each dashboard. We want to prevent this repetition and time-cost for these cases where dashboard are so similar. It would be of great value to us.

Optimally, we would want to have the option to copy a dashboard. This way, we can have two (or more) similar dashboards, which will differ in the parameters we pass in to them.

The problem I’ve noticed with this is that each query can only cache one result at a time. If you change the params, the previous cached results are lost, and your other dashboards all return errors.

I’m trying to figure out a way around this too, so I can have 1 query, pass different params on each dashboard, and cache results for each. But right now it doesn’t seem possible?

This is correct.

The accepted way to fork a dashboard is using the API to rebuild it from scratch. If you need the results to cache then you would also fork the queries.

Is there any plans to add this functionality in the near future?

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