Generating sharable embedded URL with auto expiry of url after certain time X

The feature request is as below:
- Creating a dashboard widget with a query which has a parameter which decides the query result
- Need to embed the complete url + parameter and rendering ut through IFrame.
- IMP: The embedded url should get expired after certain point of time which ensures at most security.

Please suggest if the above feature already exist or still In-progress?

Redash doesn’t have auto-expiring links. But you can revoke a public share secret link at anytime by clicking the Regenerate button. You can also trigger the regeneration remotely using the API. Would this work for your needs?

Hello, Could you please tell me what is the endpoint to trigger the regeneration of the dashboard token? it could be very useful for me.

On the link above I have found only the endpoint to regenerate the query token and user api_key

Thanks in advance

There isn’t a “regenerate this key” method for dashboards. You issue a DELETE request to the DashboardShareResource endpoint and then make a new POST. A new secret link is regenerated whenever sharing is turned on.