Help drawer in Redash


Now that we’re starting to connect help documentation to corresponding components in the app, @arikfr suggested a drawer instead of opening a new window.

Here’s an implementation preview. Let’s discuss.
@arikfr @susodapop


I like this implementation. Would it be possible to freeze the documentation to only the screen the user started on? Or provide a quick way to snap it back to the current screen’s doc page?


freeze the documentation

Would that mean that links within the content should be rendered as plain text?


No, they’d just pop into a new window when clicked.


I put in some time to find a “correct” way of doing this but found none.

I tried to add a <base target="_blank" /> (using Helmet) when “drawer” mode is on but couldn’t make it work with Gatsby. I think it’s got dibs on internal navigation.
Couldn’t find an iframe setting that can do this either.
Any ideas @arikfr @gabrieldutra @levko ?


I actually don’t see why we need this at all. Why not let people navigate instead the KB from there? I also want us to add a button that just opens the KB homepage inside the drawer.