How to connect to Redash's database in docker installation

Hi. I’m trying to integrate redash on my company. I install it on my local machine sucesfully, and on an AWS instance with same result. But I don’t know how connect to any of these databases

In the AWS instance I found in env file the database password, but I dont know how can connect. Where is the user? and the schema? How can I connect with the AMI to de database for test queries to the inner database?

And in the local machine?


Did you search the forum? There several good answers to this question already out there. See here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Thanks. I found some of this topics but without success. With yours I can connect now to my aws database.

I try to connect to my local dev one, and I cant find the password. I saw that is autogenerated, but I don’t find where is the env result file, with the autogenerated password

I reply myself: in develop the password is postgre

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