How to query an array in a json datasource

Good afternoon,

new to json queries I would like to be able to get both longitude and latitude from an array.
My json source is

		"repondant":"Mathieu Bossaert",
		"structure":"CEN L-R",

My query is written like this :

fields: [email, structure, nombre_utilisateurs, location.coordinates]
path: value

Here is the result :

email structure nombre_utilisateurs location.coordinates CEN LR 20 [4.3565987,43.455454,0, 0]

What would be the syntax to get separately the two first columns of the location.coordinates array ?
Thanks a lot !

I don’t think the JSON data source can do this on its own. You can use QRDS for it though. For example:

       json_extract(location_coordinates, '$[0]') latitude,
       json_extract(location_coordinates, '$[1]') longitude
FROM cached_query_<query id from your query>

I just tested it and it worked.


thanks @k4s1m,

I did it as a workaround and yes it works !

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