Hi, I have set REDASH_MULTI_ORG=true in /opt/redash/env and rebooted the server. That didn’t seem to work. Notice REDASH_REDIS_URL is populated as an environment variable, but REDASH_MULTI_ORG is not


I’ve also tried modifying /opt/redash/docker-compose.yml and running sudo docker-compose restart.



Progress… restart wasn’t enough

By running

sudo docker-compose down
sudo docker compose run --rm server create_db
sudo docker compose up -d

I now get a true value when running sudo docker exec redash_server_1 bash -c 'echo "$REDASH_MULTI_ORG"'


Yep, just me being new to docker-compose. The environment variables are applied when running up but not when running restart

I did run into an issue with the postgres login failing after running up. The fix was available here: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "postgres", after "docker-compose up -d" on your EC2 AMI


Thank you for following up on your findings, as I’m sure this will be useful for other as well. Indeed you need to run docker-compose up to apply these changes.

One side note thought: the MULTI_ORG functionality is not something we provide community support for (of course you’re still welcome to share your experience).