How to take point-in-time snapshots of queries so that we can dispaly it as a timeseries

I have a bunch of queries / dashboards created that display pertinent information to our business. But I’d like to have time-series data of the results of those queries so I can see if we are improving over time. Is there anyway currently in redash to do this? I’d like to not have to duplicate queries in redash and another application.

Redash doesn’t do this. You should instead write queries against your database which return a time series of information instead of only returning the current value.

I understand that would be the proper method in some use cases. But it wouldn’t work in ours, and I imagine anyones where they do not have control over a 3rd-party database scheme.

For example, we have a billing system where cannot modify the schema and we use redash to track the growth and churn of customers. We check this value periodically and add it to a spreadsheet when we do. It would be MUCH better, if redash could take that snapshot of the query and save it to its local sqllite database.

Does that make sense? This would be immensely helpful, considering many applications don’t by default store time series data.

Redash isn’t a data warehouse. By design it doesn’t save data from other sources.

Your best bet is to automate this step and point Redash to the place where you store the data. A Google Sheet, a CSV, or a cloud database somewhere would all work excellently for this use case.

Ok. I understand. Thank you for considering.