Increasing concurrency in Redash 9.0

I was testing out the new redash version. One thing I struggled initially with celery redash was concurrency which after some reading I was able to increase by having multiple workers and each worker having concurrency=4.

I am not that familiar with rabbitmq and would like to know how to increase concurrency. eg - I want 24 people to run their queries at the same time. Do I just need to increase the workers or is there another setting I have to use? Also for celery I had launch multiple worker docker containers. Is the process same for RQ or can I just launch one container with multiple workers?

It would also help if it could be added as documentation in the docs or in the release notes.

Just a note for readers, at present Redash v9 is in beta so the documentation has not been updated yet.

That’s fine!
Can you help with the concurrency in Rq with redash?

I would also definitely be interested in knowing this

Love, The beta v9 … looks cleaner and the tooltips feature is really useful

+1 on understanding the best practice of concurrency in RQ with redash.