Instructions on how to make new visualization types for Redash


I’m new to the Redash environment, and I’ve seen these two links instructing on how to make a new Visualization type for Redash:

But it seems the codebase has slightly changed.
I need to create a new visualization type (a Gauge), like this one from plotly:

plot. ly/javascript/gauge-charts/

What steps are necessary? Which files/lines do I need to change to start a new visualization type? How can I pass parameters to the visualization script, and what is the command to display the visualization?

Thank you

The existing instructions require an update since we’ve migrated to React for our front-end.

@newtoredash I would start by getting the codebase running locally and then just looking through the code for some of the existing visualizations. If you’re familiar with ReactJS you may find it pretty straight forward. If you like, you can use my recent PR for a custom visualization as an example:

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