Insufficient permissions, data source connection data cannot be saved, and queries cannot be created

Make sure that your user is member of the admin and default groups.

Hi @arikfr
I’m facing the same issue. Migrated from another server to a higher version (5 to 7). Everything is ok, queries and dashboards are there. but the problem is data sources are not there and I cannot add any new data source. I can fill-up the form for connection strings, save and test! Bu once close the page, my data source is not there. And obviously, when I want to run my queries, I get the attached error. (Screenshot). My user is a part of both admin and default. And also, when I want to create a new query, I’m getting the same error as screenshot.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Do your new data sources show up in Redash’s postgres data_sources table after you test and save them?

Also, did you perform the database migrations during your upgrade from v5 to v7? We now encrypt data source information in the database starting in v7.

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Hi @ds218 and thanks for the reply!
I already checked and the data sources which I have created are available in database data_sources table. But as I said, they’re not showing up in the web and also I cannot create new query or use the current queries. What can I do for this issue?

And for your second question, yes! I did the migration after I restored the data using pg_restore using the below command:

REDASH_VERSION=7.0.0 && INSTALLDIR=/opt/bitnami && cd $INSTALLDIR/apps/redash/htdocs && . $INSTALLDIR/scripts/ && . $INSTALLDIR/apps/redash/htdocs/venv/bin/activate && BITNAMI_ROOT=$INSTALLDIR $INSTALLDIR/apps/redash/htdocs/bin/run $INSTALLDIR/apps/redash/htdocs/ db upgrade

*** After data restoration, I noticed that postgres throwing error that it’s not able to connect because of password. I opened the env file and changed the “bn_redash” user to “postgres” user and it’s connected.

Very odd. Another user had the same issue here. Do you see any similarities between their environment and yours?

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I’m using Bitnami Redash and they’re using Docker Redash. Have you checked my migration script in the previous message? Is it ok?