Last 14, 30, 60 and 90 days

In the recently closed feature request, some of the dynamic tags suggested were not implemented, and as hosted service users at our company, additional 14, 30, and 60 day dynamic settings would be useful.

Is there a reason we only have a last 7 days option implemented, how about I make a pull request to add options to select the last 14, 30, and 60 days?

I’ve created a pull request for the requested feature.

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Hi @kykrueger :slightly_smiling_face:,

Thanks for taking a step at this, implementation looks good. The reason for not having more options is that I thought they belonged to a second part of this feature, basically a more general implementation that has an open discussion in this topic. Feel welcome to share your ideas in there too.

Thanks again, @kykrueger. Your changes are now deployed on as well.

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We had to revert this deployment because of an unrelated issue with the Snowflake query runner. Also there is an issue with GitHub that delays builds, so it might be back later today or tomorrow.

I was just checking and saw that version 9.0.0-alpha+b6c6795f (6c6795f) is being hosted. This clarifies why though.

Thanks for the update!

It’s deployed again.

The sha in the version on SaaS is different from Open Source as it’s following a different repo.

I’d like to confirm it is working well. Thanks for helping us get that deployed live so quickly!


@arikfr Just a thought but I think that a 28 day look back makes more sense than 30 days. In particular because we already have 7 days and you’re adding 14.

The reason I think 28 days is much better that 30 days from a reporting point of view is that I imagine that everyone will be reporting on trends that have variations across the days of the week (weekend peaks for example). If you’re looking at a dashboard on Monday (probably peak time for dashboard consumption across the company) using 30 day look back, you’re going to be looking at a time range that contains 5 weekends which would skew the results; especially if you check again on Tuesday.

This makes sense to me