Mask for creating queries and/or visualization


Dear all,

I want to implement Redash in a business setting. While Redash offers great features, the user still has to enter SQL manually and also create the visualizations.

For the client it would be much easier if there were a kind of mask, in which he could enter the tables to be selected (including columns, maybe grouping options). The visualization itself could probably be done by the user, after he got the data.

Is something along these lines possible with Redash?

Thanks for the help,


Hi Gabriel, welcome to the forum! The principal goal of Redash is to empower users to write SQL and visualize results. The use case is that it doesn’t abstract the SQL away from the end user. This makes all the flexibility of the underlying database available to the user without getting in the way.

It has been my experience that many end-users can get more comfortable with SQL than you’d expect. But if you absolutely must abstract SQL away, I don’t think Redash would be a good fit for what you’re trying to do.