Migrating production Redash to a new instance + Upgrade to V8

I’m using a legacy Redash V5 (Bitnami) and need to migrate it to a new instance with version 8 installed. The reason is providing the ability to connect to Presto using password! Based on my research, the only way to migrate dashboards and queries is to make a backup from Postgres and import it to the new instance. Unfortunately, I stuck in importing my backup and need help. Below are my performed steps:

  1. make a tar.gz backup using the postgres dump from the running instance. (Backup size is 3.8 GB) Using: pg_dump -U postgres -F c bitnami_redash > /newvolume/backup.tar.gz
  2. Installed a docker based Redash with the exact same version.
  3. Copy the backup file to my ubuntu server.
  4. Import the backup file using: cat backup.tar.gz | docker exec -i redash_postgres_1 pg_restore -Upostgres

As I said, the import process is taking so long without any proper result. I really appreciate any help to solve my problem or any other practical way to do the needful. Thanks!

Is there any other cleaner way to do the migration?!!

I haven’t upgraded before. But looking through the legacy upgrade guide it mentions Bitnami instances are not compatible with the upgrade script. How long has the database import been running? Are you certain it’s not working?

If the upgrade script won’t work, you can manually apply the migrations like @arikfr suggested in this thread and then migrate your data sources, queries, visualizations, users, and groups via the API.

This recent post on the forum relates to migrating from one instance to another. It may also be useful to you.

Thanks for your reply. Actually, upgrade isn’t my problem as I already installed the new version of Redash. My biggest problem is moving queries and dashboards from the current Bitnami Redash to the new server. Unfortunately, I cannot perform the upgrade on Bitnami instance and moving the data to the new one.

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This could help too. Basically you split the upgrade and the migration into two steps. And here’s further feedback from another user who successfully accomplished the upgrade.

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