Multi Filter - dashboard level filter


  1. I created a new dashboard, added 2 charts, which both contain the same ‘multi filter’ ,
  2. I also enabled the option ‘use dashboard level filter’
  3. now i have 3 filters in this dashboard.

my question is :
can i have only one main filter? (the one at the top of the page, as can be seen here:

i don’t want to use parameters ( i want to only the 'mulit filter).

Any idea on this?

In general you should prefer Query Parameters over Filters. Query Parameters can do exactly what you describe. If you need multiple “master filters” then you can name your query filters differently. Such as "alias::App_name1" and "alias::App_name2".

hey @dietdrpepper,
i understand what you meant,
the thing is, that if i will use parameters, each time a user will open the dashboard and change the parameter, then all the queries in the dashboard will run again.
and i want to avoid this situation,
thanks again,

When you say use a parameter, you then need to create a query to fill the paremeter drop down,
the benefit of a filter is that it self generates. (and therefore solves the problem of nested query params i.e. using one value to generate the value list for the next filter)