No data was returned when calling stored procedure MySQL

Hello! I’m trying call a stored procedure but it is always showing no data was returned.
This is the code of the procedure

	select order_uid,
    		date(delivered_by) as delivery_date
    from `TABLE`;

How do I make this work in redash or does redash support calling of store procedure?

Which version of redash are you using?

I have a tonne of queries that call stored procedures (or indeed do similar for MariaDB servers within the query itself using compound statements outside of Stored Programs - see ).

However I’m using a slightly modified version of redash - the good news is Arik has accepted my patch, I’m just not sure whether that made it into Redash 7 - have a feeling you might need a dev build or Redash 8 when it appears.

It didn’t. But v8 release is coming soon. Already working on the release notes :slight_smile: