Observable query based dropdown list

I would like to see query-based dropdown list with additional parameter: observable parameter name.
Modification of observable parameter should refresh query of this element to show relative choises.

For example: first parameter {{ test_name }} defines by dropdownlist or text field. Second parameter {{ test_group }} observe first to provide list of test groups relative to selected test

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+1 this is so much needed.

I agree this would be valuable. To work properly, the queries backing the Query Based Dropdown List would need to accept an extra WHERE clause that would be injected by the dashboard at runtime. I can imagine this interface would get pretty complicated.

It’s almost 2 years since this feature request is pending.
I just want to know is there any workaround?
or anyone has another solution(s) to achieve the same?

I don’t know any workaround for this. You probably need a different tool for this.