Postgres schema for redash

I managed to convert docker-compose installation into k8s setup, but I found that I need to properly set up a schema for Postgres. Can someone point me to it?

The error I see in server login endpoint is this (which shows that I don’t have yet postgres schema in place):
ProgrammingError: (psycopg2.ProgrammingError) relation “organizations” does not exist
LINE 2: FROM organizations
[SQL: ‘SELECT organizations.updated_at AS organizations_updated_at, organizations.created_at AS organizations_created_at, AS organizations_id, AS organizations_name, organizations.slug AS organizations_slug, organizations.settings AS organizations_settings \nFROM organizations \nWHERE organizations.slug = %(slug_1)s \n LIMIT %(param_1)s’] [parameters: {‘slug_1’: ‘default’, ‘param_1’: 1}] (Background on this error at:
[2020-06-30 14:14:55,926][PID:13][INFO][metrics] method=GET path=/login endpoint=redash_login status=500 content_type=? content_length=-1 duration=329.62 query_count=0 query_duration=0.00


Hi @vkuznet! In Docker-based setup you have to run docker-compose run --rm server create_db to create all tables. Not sure how to do it with Kubernetes, though

Great tip, the create_db is part of redash image and is defined in its docker-entrypoint. I can proceed now.