Problem with AWS Redash Instance

We currently have a hosted account with hundreds of reports and have recently learned that we’re going to have to move all of this to a self-hosted solution.

We’ve followed all of the steps on the Redash help page (sorry would put a link here but I’m restricted to only put 1 link in my first post) to spin up an AWS Redash instance, but when we input the IP address of the server we get a webpage with the error “404 page not found” (not a browser error, an actual simple webpage with that message).

We checked the /etc/motd file and it says “Your redash installation is available under https://[IP]”, so we tried this address but get a generic “Site cannot be reached” error in the browser.

in the motd file is says “Make sure to fill out the activation form at Support - HOSSTED” but this link redirects you to a general support page on

Help would be appreciated.

Hi Graham, might be able to help but don’t have the details here since my cofounder’s handled Redash installs for us. Would you be ok sending her an email at mysteryhunt1 at gmail dot com?

Thanks for the response. Turns out we were using the wrong AIM - we were using the one from the AWS marketplace, not the community AIM. All good now. :slightly_smiling_face:

In case of future searches, we don’t advise attempting a migration right now as we are still updating our migration script and have not yet released the new images for V10. Which means spinning up the images in our documentation would be a V8 instance (3 years old) and the migration script would fail :confused: