Query not updating on scheduling

Hi @arikfr

I tried the scheduler part, which did not work.Then I created the Dashboard for same query and scheduled it for 10 mins, it worked but the issue is it only works till that window is open. As soon as the tab is closed, the query is not refreshed again. Also, if the laptop is closed nothing is refreshed. I need that the data is refreshed automatically without any manual work. Can you please help with any solution?

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Hi, I am facing the similar issue. I don’t get the point of refresh schedule if it stops working as soon as you quit your redash Tab. Is there any solution, @Konica that you might have come across?

Dashboard refreshes are handled by the front-end. If you need it to run in the background you can schedule the query directly: https://redash.io/help/user-guide/querying/scheduling-a-query

I guess this option is with the admin only. We can not see this option. It would be great if you suggest some other way @k4s1m.

Also, @mehulS7 you can make a periodic job for the same query, line up the query as per your time. It will get refreshed.