Query Parameters for the date


I have a table with three columns for example.
Eg: Table A with id, name and date (columns)
Data Type for the columns is
id - int
name - varchar
day - varchar

I performed a date range parameter but it didn’t work…

I did,
SELECT id, name, date_format(str_to_date(day, ‘%d/%m/%Y’), ‘%m/%d/%y’) as day from v_dashboard
where day between ‘{{ duration.start }}’ and ‘{{ duration.end }}’.

But for the text field it is working.

I could not understand why for the date range is not working and returns a empty table.

Issue resolved…

There is a bug in my SQL code and fixed it.

Now the date query works perfectly. :+1:

You might need to cast the parameter into date form.

Redash parameters are inserted as strings in your query. It’s WYSIWYG. If you can make the query work in another query tool then it will work in Redash as well.

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Thank you. I fixed it