Query result formatting


We have observed that redash do some formatting on query result to make it more user friendly for example decimal precision. This is a cool feature but can we somehow switch it off?


Sometimes, yes. What kind of data do you want to not be formatted? The only type that can’t be directly disabled is datetimes as these are guessed by the front-end.

Thanks for the reply.

Actually this feature slows down the data loading to client side so we were thinking we can disable this feature all together to display the same data as stored in database?

This can’t be disabled unless you modify the source code.

How much data are you loading that this causes a performance hit?

Not every query but some queries are fetching half a million.

Gotcha. I wonder why you would need to pull so much information into Redash? We’re a data visualization tool. I expect our visualizations would crash with so many rows of data.

You can of course modify the source code to support this. But to what end? Without optimizing the rest of the system there’s little you can do with such large results even if you manage to it successfully.

Redash works best with result sets ~20mb in size.

I agree but with hundreds of users and thousands of queries, one can’t train every user to use the tool as it should be used.
We are actually started facing performance issues not only due to size of data but number of concurrent queries and thousands of scheduled queries and alerts.

I will look into the code for above issue. Thanks

Can you help me to identify if there there is some way to setup redash scheduler service to a separate machine?


This is how we run our SaaS instance which handles thousands of queries every day (mostly) without issue. You can even see our uptime here and historical buildup of queries in the queue.

The exact setup steps depend on how you installed Redash. We recommend Docker as then it’s as easy as defining the service and pointing it at the correct database and redis instance. I don’t know the finer details.

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