Redash not showing BigQuery schema

We have integrated Google’s Big Query with Redash. But we are not able to see the Tables/Schemas inside the source (PFA screenshot). I do have the load schema option enabled (PFA screenshot). Any help on this will be appreciated.

Thank youNo_schema Source%20settings

Welcome to the community! We’ve seen this on the forum before but didn’t fix it.

and there’s an open issue on Github:

How big is your BQ schema?

From the GH issue:

If the worker requests are a timeout, then you should change REDASH_JOB_EXPIRY_TIME Environment Variable.

We are using 33 tables with about total size of 100G. The issue still persists for us :frowning:
Where to check if the worker requests are getting timout? And the current “REDASH_JOB_EXPIRY_TIME” value from? There is one /opt/redash/env file, but it doesn’t have this variable in it.