Redash Version 10.0 Query Output shows Blank\No Results

Hello All,

We have recently upgraded the Redash version from 8.00 to 10.0. However, the queries which were successfully running on 8.00 are now showing Blank\No results in Redash 10.0 version.

We also tried the same queries over redash verison 10.1.0 in test environment, still the results are same, it shows Blank\No results in the output.
Can you please help us here on priority?

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What do you see in your logs when you execute a query?

Hi @jesse ,

In Redash version 8.00 we use to get error of SIGABRT signal worker dying error there it was easy to trace them in the logs. However, in Redash 10.0 version as I said it shows blank results for the same query. Therefore, it is difficult to trace them in logs, although I’m examining the logs & will update soon.


Hi @jesse ,

Whenever we run the query & get blank output we are seeing below highlighted in the logs,

[33;1mserver_1 | [0m [2022-10-06 16:18:28,335][PID:51][INFO][rq.job.redash.tasks.queries.execution] job.func_name= Inserting job for 717e803a94a56e39a4e4736382323cb0 with metadata={‘Username’: ‘ma********.k******@*******.com’, ‘query_id’: ‘23’}
[36madhoc_worker_1 | [0m 2022/09/09 07:32:01 [worker_healthcheck] RQ Worker Healthcheck check succeeded for process worker-1
[32mpostgres_1 | [0m LOG: unexpected EOF on client connection with an open transaction
[34mscheduled_worker_1 | [0m [2022-09-09 22:49:05,058][PID:640][INFO][rq.worker] schemas: Job OK (1ad82baa-ebb2-4971-a03e-62c045d4d6d9)
[35mredis_1 | [0m 1:M 25 Sep 2022 06:29:39.191 * Background saving terminated with success
[32;1mworker_1 | [0m [2022-09-08 02:21:56,765][PID:4604][INFO][rq.job.redash.tasks.queries.maintenance] job.func_name=redash.tasks.queries.maintenance.remove_ghost_locks Locks found: 0, Locks removed: 0

Hi @jesse ,

Here’s how the Query output shows no header (Blank Output)

Kindly assist on priority please.
This is super urgent & critical for us.

Hi @jesse ,

Can you please respond ?


can anyone from Redash Support team help us on this issue ?


is there anyone from Redash Support team who can help us ?

Is there anyone from REDASH Support who is concerned on user’s problem ?