Scheduled queries sometime don't execute


we are using version 7 and for every data source we have defined two queue i.e. one for adhoc queried and one for scheduled queries.

we have observed that sometime scheduled queries do not trigger until we restart all redash services redash along with flushing out the redis.

is there a way to find the reason? thanks

I haven’t set something like this up before. Where do you define this behavior?

Do you see anything in the Redash logs?

we are using legacy deployment so under "/etc/supervisor/conf.d/redash.conf ", we can starting new celery worker and update the queue and scheduled qeueu in redash metadata db.

How can I look into redash logs. I was never able to find anything in redash logs. I am pretty sure I am looking at wrong place. I am looking under “/var/log/supervisor/” but couldn’t find anything useful.