Setting an RDS postgresql DB with Bitnami AMI


Issue Summary

I started an ec2 instance of the bitnami redash 5.0.2 AMI. I have an instance of postgresql running on AWS RDS. How do I point redash to use the RDS postgresql instance?

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 5.0.2
  • Browser/OS: ubuntu
  • How did you install Redash: started a bitnami redash AMI


Using RDS should be easy, you just need to update the configuration and create the schema on it. You can check this old thread for some extra context:

Also, we don’t recommend using Bitnami images. They are setup in a different way than the official images we provide, and are not compatible with any of our maintenance or upgrade guides.


Thanks for the reply @arikfr, I found the configuration and managed to get it to work after moving the database from my ec2 instance into RDS. I actually did use the Bitnami images since I found one for an older version of redash (1.0.3) and didn’t have time to do the upgrade process to redash 5.
When I do find time to upgrade I will use the images you guys provide as per your recommendation.
Can you please provide a link to your image storage? I didn’t seem to find one and the Bitnami pop up first :roll_eyes:


I’m not sure where you were looking for them, but they are all linked in our official documentation:


Thanks again, I didn’t find images for the old versions 1.0.* and didn’t have time to do a complete upgrade. Was looking for a quick fix :slight_smile: