Support CSV data source


I think that would be great to support .csv files as data source. In science is .csv probably most used format for data. Now I must use the python query runner to get these files to redash.

What do you think about this feature?

PS: I have no problem with sending pull request :wink:



In general I’m always happy for new data sources :slight_smile:

How do you envision the CSV data source to work? Load from local files? URLs?


how it should work: fetch URL (optionally pass “basic access authentication”) -> parse csv to json
I have similar functionality already implemented, so it would not be a problem to make datasource :slight_smile:


Would be amazing to see this CSV datasource like the one in Tableau.

I believe Tableau saves this imported CSV file in its own Columnar database , so we can use Postgres instead.

I am not sure if it is as straightforward as this - Creating a new query runner (data source) in Redash
Any more thoughts?

@hkar - do you mind sharing your solution somehow? that would be awesome