The time cant be recoginized in the y axis

Hello, sorry to disturb you.
I just downloaded and installed the redash. When I tried to draw a chart of the end of batch time in the last month, I found that the ‘time’ type can’t be shown properly.

Could you please advise is there anything wrong with my operations?

I chose the datatype to be datatime, but it doesnt work.

The axis type is Date-time. Not time only. Append dates to your times and the chart can display:

Thanks very much. It appeared afer I added the date infor.

But it works fine for scatter points graph. However, the line graph still can not show properly.

How do you expect the line to appear? What do you see instead?

Thanks for your prompt reply. Sorry that I forgot to add the pics there.
Here’s the data:

Here’s the scatter graph:

Here’s the line graph:

I expect that the line graph should just connect the scatters in the second one.

Thanks in advance.