Use of Icons in Alert Destination


Hi, can anyone tell me how the Icon functions in an Alert Destination work? I suspect it is used to show icons with the alerts. But I can’t get them to function.


Thx in advance.
Just Vervaart


I’m assuming this is the Slack or Mattermost destinations? You can either use the Icon (Emoji) or Icon (URL) options to set the Icon next to the message. Is this what you expected?


Slack intergration indeed. I expected tot be able to show an icon. But i don’t know how to accomplish this. I tried entering a url or someting like : scream: but that did not work.


:scream: should work as long as you don’t put any value in Icon (URL) (Slack takes only one of them). Can you share the full configuration sans the webhook URL along with a screenshot of how it looks like on Slack?


This is what the setup and result look like.