Users running queries or query history

Hello, is it possible to query Redash usage by user? I’d like to see which dashboards and queries are being ran and by which users.


Hi @allisonfma!

You you have access to Redash database, you can use query like this to get this info:

SELECT user_id, object_id AS "query_id", COUNT(*) AS "count"
FROM events
WHERE object_type = 'query' AND action = 'execute'
GROUP BY user_id, object_id

Hi @levko, is it possible to have this info on hosted by redash as well?

It depends which tier plan you buy. Audit logging is available on the Business Plan.

Ah I see, thanks @jesse. Do you have any screen capture or documentation about this audit logging? I want to know more about it if we consider to upgrade our plan.

The current audit logs are a bit plain – just a chronological list of events happening in your account. But to bridge this gap we are also providing custom (Redash) dashboards with activity on your queries/dashboards.

Hey @arikfr!

Thank you for a great BI tool and these helpful forums. I am trying to access Redash’s DB but the events table on Redash RDS seems empty for me.

All the other tables have data in them except for this events table. I want to track the dashboard usage so would like to use this table. Do you know why this might be happening?

Let me know if I am missing something here. Thank you!