3 Steps Dashboard creation with Dynamic query

we need to be able to dynamically build queries and on the fly select type of visualisation and add them to a dashboard.
like this prototype here https://marvelapp.com/18514ie6 the query list should not be created within redash but store parameters and then to be passed to the dynamic query and the visualisation to be created

I’m pretty confused here. It’s unclear how your feature request differs from the way Redash works today.

Redash already supports “dynamic SQL” by way of query parameters. And you already have a choice for which visualization to include when you add queries to a dashboard. How would you change the current behavior?

The prototype looks just like Redash. How is it different?

You can push queries into Redash via the API. I can provide an example if you’d like.

If I understand right, you want Redash to generate visualizations for your data automatically. We don’t do this. You need to configure the visualization yourself because there are far more factors than we can predict ahead of time.

If your SQL queries always return results in a predictable format, you could remote control this via the API with your own scripts, web application, or browser extension. But at that point you will have re-implemented the entire application. You might be better off forking Redash.