502 Bad Gateway


So after running for a week with no issues my aws t2.small redash instance goes crazy. First I get a 502 bad gateway message when accessing it. Then I go to the aws console and I see for some reason the cpu is way high like 500% by running top.

I am not sure what are all these redash user processing there should be noting running??

I try and do the following with no result

sudo supervisorctl restart all

Restarting Celery Workers & the Queries Queue

this happened before and I had to rebuild the aws instance again and start all over. Why is this happneing and how can I recover without re-install everything? I believe I have 3.0- running.

Perhaps I am runing out of memory? would going to t2.meduim help? I have another instance with no issue at all and it is t2.small.

Thanks for any help.