I am at Data Analyst at Hudl. We use re:dash as our main BI tool. As of now I have 100s of saved queries within re:dash and I often need to reference an old query or send someone a query I wrote, but it is difficult to remember all the names. It would be really great if there was someway to ‘star’ or ‘favorite’ a saved query and then be able to filter by that. I think this would be beneficial for myself as well as the 100s of other employees here that search for queries I have sent them in the past. I would love to hear if there are any thoughts and/or plans around this.

This is a great recommendation. Let’s hope it gets eyes and added to the next release. I personally also have tons of queries for multiple projects, some I reuse across projects as templates (another story, lets start simple), but literally the only reason I am on this site right now is because I have thought about it several times as I dig for various queries I use frequently.

I just realized this was two years old!