Accessing Google Analytics Data


I know there are probably quite a few way to do this, but I was wondering how others have setup access to Google Analytics data. I’m thinking there are a handful of ways to do this, so I’m just looking for feedback at this point one which path to choose for now.


It is really hard to make an UI like this tool:

So I made url query parser which gets link params from query generated on page above. I can make a pull request if this tool is needed.


I would’t say it’s “needed” yet, but it would be interesting to use this in the future.


I would love to see the script first. Mind sharing it as a GitHub gist or some other way?


I think most people just use some service to move data from Google Analytics to their database of choice.


It’s initial version which works for simple requests. I want to add support for several requests in one query later.


For anyone who stumbles at this thread – @Vladis contributed a proper query runner for Google Analytics and it’s now part of the next release (1.0).


That’s awesome! Thanks for the update!