Add a custom API end point in redash

I would like to add a custom function in redash to make an api call from the visualization. I just need to call a function or URL in redash and return an array back. Can anyone clarify which file I need to edit to add a function inorder to receive the api call?

They’re in the handlers folder. You can add it to

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I have added it to and I have created a class. But it requires to be logged in in order to make the call to the endpoint. Is there any way I can remove login check for my custom added API?

I think all the endpoints in require authentication. You’d need to add your new endpoint elsewhere if you want to bypass authentication. Probably a good idea to read through the repo to see how the routing works before proceeding. There are some endpoints that are already available without authentication (like the password reset and event invitation endpoints). Maybe you use them as a guide?