Add a Geom parameter type to query spatial databases


Hi to all,

I use redash in a Nature conservation NGO. Some of our dashboards are reporting species and habitats lists that have been observed on the queried site but sometimes the zone of interest we want to query does not pre-exist in the database (PostgreSQL / PostGIS).
It would be great to be able to propose a map to draw a polygon as an input of a WKT or geojson geometry.
So we could use it in the WHERE clause of dashboard’s queries as :

WHERE st_interesects(species.geom , ST_GeomFromText({{site_geom_param}}))


Interesting idea! Would you need to draw the polygon or area on a map for input? Or would you already know the WKT and just need a place to paste it?


Yes I was not clear : on a map.
In fact it is already possible to copy/paste a known wkt in a text input.