Add DynamoDB PartiQL query runner

DynamoDB has had native support for PartiQL since November 2020. In fact, the DQL repository has not had a commit in over 6 months, and suggests you into PartiQL instead. Let’s add a new query runner for DynamoDB PartiQL (so as to not break existing DQL quries), and make that the default query runner for DynamoDB.

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum!

I’m thrilled to learn that a replacement for DQL is available. At this point I wouldn’t necessarily worry about backwards compatibility for existing DQL connections because (anecdotally) it’s been broken for everyone for a long time (at least since June 2020 when we first realised it was deprecated).

We’ll need to rely on the community for the new query runner. But recently I published this guide about how to add a new query runner. I’m happy to answer questions and help as much as possible.

Is this something you’re interested to contribute? If not, I will add a note to our documentation about this and request assistance there.

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Sure, I’d love to work on this!


Awesome! By all means ping me if you have any questions about how to get started.