Add user to group temporarily


Basically I am missing functionality that enables for me to set a term for how long person belongs to a group. For instance I can set on database side for user “VALID UNTIL ‘timestamp`’”, I would like to do something similar at Redash side as well. Is it doable?


This isn’t supported. You could execute something similar using the API and a system like CRON. What’s the use case here?

Basically I miss the functionality on cases when I want give temporary access for data source. Sadly cron is not an option. Only option seems to be build an external solution that will be used for access management, that knows how long user is granted to be member of group. Then the application makes an API call that grants access to group, and 2 days later makes a next API call that removes the user from group. Yes doable, but seems an expensive workaround.

This is precisely what I envisioned doing with CRON.

Indeed. Redash isn’t ready for this use-case today.

Thank you for the feedback!