Adding a "Total" within drop down query parameter


I’m on the self-hosted version of ReDash. I’ve created a dashboard with a query parameter such as “geographical region” where a user selects which region they want to view. I wish to have an additional select of “Total” (as there is no multi-parameter selection?). What’s the best way to do this? Are there any examples? I imagine that I will have to union on a “total” query so then be able to select this within a drop down query parameter.


Multi-select parameters are part of Redash v8 (now in beta). Until that release, here’s a workaround to show all results in a parameterized query. You’re correct about using UNION to pull in the “All” value. If your data set is small enough you might consider a multi-filter as well.

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Does a multi-filter allow for query based drop down values?

No. Multi-filters in Redash are like column filters in Excel: you pick from the distinct values in your query result. A big upside of filters is that they fly with small data sets because changes happen in your browser. Nothing goes back to the database. The downside is they slow down with large query results because your browser has to process the data.

Query parameters are evaluated before data is returned to Redash. Multi-filters are evaluated afterward.