Adding persistent storage with kubernetes


I have a redash container on my cluster attached to my DB, I set up the whole dashboard and it looked great. But when I reset the container every single thing was gone, login accounts, assets, and the dashboard. How can i load my config from a persistent storage, and where is all the data saved?


I don’t quite know how you set up the Redash installation in Kubernetes, but if you ran all of the dev/prod docker-compose containers in one pod or similar, you need to make sure you break out the Postgres container and give it a persistent volume.

As far as I understand the Postgres backend is where all the org info (users, orgs, permissions etc.) is kept.
I personally run Kubernetes in AWS so I have a Postgres RDS instance as my Redash backend, that way my Redash containers are stateless and can more around. The Redis installation is also in a separate Pod without any persistent disk. So far I haven’t encountered any issues with Redis getting restarted (and all data deleted). I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that the Redis instance keeps track of currently running jobs and/or the Job queues, but the documentation is kinda lacking or at least hard to find.

Good luck