Adding UI-bootstrap buttons to chart builder


Hi - I’m not a developer by any means but I have spent the last three weeks learning Angular 1 so I can start to play with the functionality in my org’s redash instance.

Right now, I’m trying to add a button or dropdown option to the visualization editor for a line graph that would allow me to select the one line that loads when the page loads (as opposed to all of them loading all at once). I’ve thought of a few ways (making it “collapsible”, using ng-show/hide, building a d3 that would create/read a hierarchical json) but I’m having a little trouble navigating the Redash code base. Where can I ad a ng-click directive for this functionality? I’m sure this seems like a big request but loading every line at once is not helpful to the users and makes them less likely to use the tool in the first place. Any help would be appreciated!