Currently there are 2.5 keyboard shortcuts - ctrl/cmd + s to save a query, ctrl/cmd + e to run it (execute) and ctrl+space for auto complete for large schemas.

I though it could be nice to have some additional shortcuts to speed things up when using Redash.

This is what I had in mind:

In query editor

  • Add Visualization = ctrl/cmd + V
  • Fork Query = ctrl/cmd + shift + F
  • Refresh Schedule = ctrl/cmd + R
  • Download (latest selected type or default CSV) = ctrl/cmd + D
  • Show/Hide source = ctrl/cmd+ alt+ S

Anywhere in Redash

  • New Query - ctrl/cmd + Q
  • Search for Query - ctrl/cmd + K

Do you use the current ones?
WDYT about my suggestions?


I totally agree, there should be more shortcuts. By now I think they added more. For instance you can mark multiple rows and put “–” in front of all with a shortcut but I can’t find how it works on apple for some reason.

So a general list of what is possible would be great.

To commend on your suggestions:

  • New Query - ctrl/cmd + Q -> this doesn’t make sense since this is usually the shortcut to end a program, app or browser in general on any laptop.