Adhoc query timeout not working

I have adhoc query timeout set to 180 sec (3 minutes) but noticing queries running longer. I’ve tried to look at the runtimes using the queries and query_results tables but unfortunately the queries have parameters and I’m not able to find the actual runtimes. Any suggestions on what I should be checking?

  • Version: 8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e)

You can see the runtimes in the admin/status menu, no?

Hi @jesse , I can however I am looking into the runtimes after the fact. Also, trying to figure out which queries were canceled due to exceeding the timeout limit. I’m able to get the latest execution using the query below but it doesn’t match in the ‘last_query_data_id’ column in queries table. Looks like there’s no real way to join queries and query result to get the runtime?

	user_id = x
	and object_id = 'xxx'
	and object_type = 'query'
	and action = 'execute'
order by
	created_at desc
limit 10

You can join them but not for queries with parameters. The query result is tied to the hash of the query, not its ID. Different parameter values produce different hashes.

That’s easier to see on Redis than in Postgres since the job will be updated. AFAIK I know we don’t keep that information in the metadata database at all.

Thanks for the reply Jesse. I’ll try that route.