Alert, when value has changed

I am searching a way not get a notification if the result from a query has changed by any way. I only see options to get alert if a threshold is exceeded.

If there a possibility for this which I am just not finding?

Background info/use case:

  • I have a query which shows due dates for some topics
    Collums: issue, due date, due date changed on.

I want to trigger an alert whenever the result of that query changes. (e.g. a due date has chnaged for an issue, or a new line popped up in the query (new issue))

If this possible?


Thanks for your question and welcome to the forum :wave:

Right now alerts always send notifications when returning to an OK state. But this is something that could be revised or modified in the future if there is sufficient interest from the community. If you’re interested to implement this behaviour please let me know. I’m happy to help provide guidance towards merging this as an optional behaviour.

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