All numbers in queries from Query Results datasource appear as integers

Hi! I’m new to Redash, playing with a self-hosted out-of-the-box installation. I observe that all of the numeric results in my queries are invariably rounded integers. For instance:

“SELECT 1.4” (quotes added for illustration) produces 1, while using 1.5 gives me 2. Using CAST doesn’t make any difference. Tables from data sources, however, show correct floating-point values.

Is there some configuration value that I’m forgetting to set-up?


Which database are you using? Your queries are passed to the underlying database engine.

Thanks for the response!
I installed the redash server using the official script, unmodified (, which I believe installs a Postgresql database. Looking at the script and docker configs, doesn’t seem like it does any strange db setup (

Which data source are you querying?

First, Google sheets. The query’s resulting table contains real numbers that display correctly. Then I created a Query Results data source and selected a column from the previous query. That’s the one that gets rounded up. For example:

Query 1: (from google sheets)

query 2: (From Query Results): “SELECT MyValue from query_1”

After that, I tried a simple “SELECT 1.7” using the same Query Results data source, and observed that it also gets round up, resulting in 2.

Alright, I just found out what’s wrong. I had to edit the visualization and specifically set the format of the column to include a number of decimals. VERY rookie mistake!

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Glad you figured this out!