Allow an account-wide color palette

It would be great to set an account-wide default color palette. The existing defaults include a very very light cyan that is super difficult to read.

A default color palette would allow brand colors to be established and used in every visualization without having to over-ride with hex codes.

Also, if the nature of the data being visualized means the number of series changes over time, this would allow the overall visualization to not look disjointed if this occurs.

Would love to see this as part of the front-end. If you feel like hacking on your instance, you can modify the default color scheme with this file. Then rebuild your front-end assets and you’re good to go!

seems like the location of the file changed to here

+1 on some sort of color palette management options; would be great if I could predefine a number of palettes and then choose between them in the different viz types depending on what suits the data. while researching the topic I found this which looks potentially helpful if one wanted ways to generate palettes straight in redash (which would be even more awesome).