Alternative paid hosted versions of redash?

We have invested quite heavily in building redash reports for our team and we currently use the hosted ReDash service.

As its closing down, we could look to migrate to our own instances, however, as always my preference is to not waste development time on non-core things and would prefer to outsource hosting.

Anyone come across a viable option?

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Hi Al,

We ( have been spinning up Redash instances for other er… Redash Refugees, and would likely welcome yourselves.

The landing page for our website is just very “initial placeholder” kind of thing and should be replaced over the coming weeks with something decent. We’ve been focused on the technical backend (security, monitoring, stability, etc) thus far, which is a higher priority due to people needing to migrate asap.

Feel free to reach out to me directly (, so we can give you a new Redash home. Migration is fairly straight forward at this point (thanks @jesse!) :slight_smile:

hossted ( Redash - HOSSTED ) provides managed redash hosting on AWS and Azure.
We have helped several redash migrations recently and can work with your team to run the migration scripts and test everything is migrated properly as part of the service.

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