Analytics/audit log for redash usage?

Is it possible to check how often, and who is using particular queries in Redash?

I have some expensive queries in my system, they are scheduled, and I would like to know if anyone is actually viewing them, or who is using them.

Some kind of mix of analytics and audit log would be useful. Ideally I should be able to inject my tracking tag/pixel in redash configuration, or provide google analytics account id.


The events table in Redash metadata contains this tracking information already. You could also inject your tracking information directly into the front-end assets and then rebuild them with node.

I guess your advice applies to self hosted redash. I’m using SaaS, sorry for not mentioning this upfront.

Oh I see :smiley: The audit logs in SaaS Redash are available for users of our Business Plan. You can reach out to us through the the in-app chat if you have any questions.