Any plans to use WebGL?

Are there any plans to use WebGL, or libraries built on top of WebGL like StackGL, to render visualizations?

We commonly run into slowness with Redash and my suspicion is that Redash is using regular ol’ browser components to render visualizations, which use the CPU. But if you use WebGL, you can utilize GPUs, which work much, much better.

As a comparison point, Plotly.js uses WebGL to render its visualizations and performs quite well.

EDIT: Redash does use Plotly.js, but many/most of the renderings are still in SVG. Any thought about using the WebGL ones?

Redash uses plotly :man_shrugging:

@k4s1m you’re right - updated my comment to reflect that we should be using WebGL renderings more, since Plotly.js appears to still use SVG for many renderings.

How involved is it to use the webgl rendering instead? Just a flag on the constructor?

Honestly I don’t know - just wanted to ask if there are any plans to do so, because it’d be a massive performance improvement.

Not sure about plans for it. I’m not aware of issues with viz speed, though.